Our objective is to provide our principals with the best quality of seafarers available in indonesia and we have established a selection as follows :


All crew are Indonesian citizen
Good Physical and mental health
Age between 20 to 35 years old for ratings.
Age between 22 to 45 years old for officers.
Age between 19-35 years for restaurant, kitchen and hotel staff.
Up or equal to diploma high school graduation level of restaurant, kitchen and hotel staff.
Minimum 3 ( three ) years experience on the cruise ship and five star hotels or restaurant
Up or equal to high school graduation level for Ratings
Minimum 3 ( three ) years experience on board
Up or equal to Merchant Marine academy or university graduation level for officers.


The company principal in entering into agreement here by recognizes PISTON ALANG MERIDIAN. PT. The sole bargaining agent for Indonesian seafarers employed on board tall vessel owned or operated by the company requires. Seafarers shall be in possession of valid documents retained by the Master on board vessel during the course of employment.


The seafarer will be engaged by company for a period of 9 (nine) month which period may be extended to 12 (twelve) months or reduce to 9 (nine) months for operational convenience, effective on the date of signing the individual working contract, We are flexible to expect ship duration of employment.


The seafarers employed by the company will be paid a monthly wages and overtime in accordance with their ranks as stipulated in wages scale of your company/ ship.


The seafarer shall receive 6 ( six ) day leave pay a month at the seafarer basic wage rate. Such leave pay shall be accumulated during validity of the contract and be paid to the seafarer at the time of termination / sign off.


The company will responsible, as condition of employment, arrange insurance for its liabilities forwards seafarers serving under agreement regard to:
Crew effect
Personal accident
Loss of life / death in service

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